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Drug Truth International exists to provide the truth about psychoactive substances (both 'licit' and 'illicit') and the treatment of the people who use them. We live in the shadow of a phenomenon referred to as the 'War on Drugs'. Actually, the 'War on Drugs' is anything but a mechanism to limit the supply and use of substances other than alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

It is in terms of public policy, an obscene ongoing deception of mammoth proportions. The users of drugs other than alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are criminalised apparently on the basis of their drug use having a negative effect on their health and welfare. Supply of the substances is also criminalised.

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Alcohol: the most popular depressant drug

However, this justification is obviously not genuine in nature. The majority of people in society engage in exactly the same behaviour (use of a drug of choice), and can use alcohol, tobacco and caffeine without being subject to criminal sanctions. The supply of these three substances is encouraged and considered essential.

Furthermore, alcohol and tobacco are the two most dangerous drugs in existence. It is obvious therefore, that the policy dictating this inequitable treatment has different motives to those which are publicly stated.

In the public domain, the truth regarding drugs other than alcohol, tobacco and caffeine and the laws governing them is virtually non-existent. Worthwhile discussion and debate on the subject of 'drug policy' is uncommon, as most people are uncritically accepting of the false notion that current policy exists to protect the health and welfare of people.

Decades of propaganda has been overwhelmingly successful in instilling false beliefs and perceptions. Hence this website. This site assists people to have a genuine understanding of the subject by providing them with the truth.

If anyone believes that the current situation is justified, please consider the following hypothetical scenario. A person in their own home after a day at work, decides to ingest some ethanol (drinking alcohol, the same substance that can fuel a car) as they enjoy the euphoria and sedation that it induces. Their use of the drug is at a level that does not cause any serious problem in their lives. One night, police arrive and forcibly detain the person.

early morning drugs raid

'Day 53 - Early morning drugs raid in Dudley' by West Midlands Police

They are held overnight and enter the criminal justice system as a 'drug offender'. They are eventually convicted of possession and use of a 'drug of dependence' and sentenced to six months prison. The person's partner and children are left to fend for themselves after losing their main income provider.

After leaving prison, the person is unable to secure employment because of their 'criminal' record. They eventually resort to manufacturing and selling alcohol in order to obtain an income. A year later the person is shot dead during a police raid after being suspected of being an 'alcohol dealer'.

Obviously, this treatment is not suggested by anyone as being necessary or acceptable in regards to the users and suppliers of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. It contravenes basic human rights and would not be deemed acceptable under any circumstances by the users or suppliers of these three drugs. However, the structure in law that allows this treatment applies world-wide to people who happen to use a psychoactive substance (drug) other than alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

So, how can a minority be treated in such a way that is clearly unacceptable and mired in hypocrisy and double standards? Simply because the so-called 'War on Drugs' is not in anyway related to preventing and reducing drug-related harm.

It is simply an entirely intentional crime creation and maintenance scheme. The drugs are merely the way of defining those who are criminalised. Political and financial advantage comes from the public money distributed to address the contrived crime and from the black market in substances other than alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

A world-wide economic system based on intentionally-created crime is obviously abhorrent and is clearly unacceptable. It is not what any society that pretends to call itself 'civilised' should allow to happen. But it is happening and has been happening with considerable vigour for many decades.

So, there is a lot to talk about. Drug Truth International can help by providing the truth.


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