The term 'drug', when used on this site in reference to a substance taken for its effects on the central nervous system other than for medical purposes, is inclusive of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

The following two points are inarguable:

bullet pointThe use of any drug can involve risks to health and welfare.

bullet pointMany people choose to use psychoactive substances ('drugs') regardless of any risks to health and welfare that may exist.

Drug Truth International (DTI) does not, in any way, advocate or encourage the use of any psychoactive substance. Nothing contained in this site is to be interpreted in any way as constituting encouragement or validation of the consumption of any psychoactive substance.

DTI emphasises that ultimately, abstinence (not using drugs at all) is the only way of assuring prevention of drug-related harm. For those who choose to take drugs, the risks must be appreciated and considered. Accordingly, DTI accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any harm caused by the use of any drug.

The information on this site has a strict evidential basis and its primary intention is to present the truth about the particular subject. DTI exists in large part to provide information in good faith, so that the risks to health and welfare from the use of psychoactive substances are minimised.

Drug Truth International emphasises that information on this site regarding opioids is not in any way intended to encourage or otherwise promote the use of opioids such as heroin (morphine).

It is merely information given in good faith so that people who make the decision to use opioids are aware of important information that can help prevent adverse drug-related events. The information is also relevant to the consumption of drug combinations that do not contain opioids.

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